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The PIM Market Is extremely diverse, how do you select the right PIM?

Since PIM is not a new topic but has been developing for almost two decades, there is a wide range of software providers with different focuses and degrees of maturity. As part of a software selection, the central question is “which of the numerous PIM solutions is most suitable for my individual requirements?”. 

We help you select the best suitable PIM independently and match between you and PIM vendors. The process we are working on is following: 


First, to better be able to serve you, we kindly ask you to answer our exploratory Quickscan, consisting of 50 custom-designed questions on your company requirements. These questions cover the subjects: 

Company workflow 

This allows insights into the patterns of your company’s activity.

Data onboarding

 This allows insights into your preferred way of work, and the maturity of your work surroundings. 


 Allows insights into the questions: what kind of products would you like to deliver? How do you structure your data? What is needed to correctly transfer data to your partners? 


Touches on the subject of ‘company surroundings’, and preferred end-content. 

Technical requirements. 

Touches on the more detailed technical requirements of your preferred PIM. Besides these subjects, we ask you to add some more information on your current organization and architectural setup.


Secondly, after being matched with suitable vendors, PIMVENDORS will have a meeting with you and discuss the possible shortlist, after taking your specific needs into consideration. We maintain the quality of our matches by presenting our vendors a similar Quikscan designed to let vendors indicate their own products, based on our questions. After receiving your company Quickscan, we are then able to accurately match your needs with their software. 


Third, Pimvendors will offer to guide you through the selection process, for an attractive fee.  After a face-to-face consultation, we will then set up a strategy to find your best PIM. This means (among others) accompanying you to the partners, mapping your company needs price range, and requirements; setting up demo workshops to test your PIM, and coordinating meetings. Specific needs will be taken into account and matched against the chosen PIM vendors.

Want to learn more about PIM?

If you have any questions regarding Product Information Management, from PIM Selection to Implementation or how a PIM would fit in your IT landscape? Feel free to browse our Knowledge Base of articles on everything PIM related.

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