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Marketplaces… you are probably selling on them (directly and/or indirectly) or considering to transition to a marketplace yourself. The advantages are obvious, but the disadvantages (especially if you are managing multiple marketplace connections, large catalogues and multiple languages) much less so…

Managing Product Information and Marketplaces

With the rapid digitization in the last 5 years (and the last 18 months especially) we see a lot of organizations scrambling to catch-up. Digital Commerce has become an integral pillar and not just for B2C or the retailers: wholesale, brands and manufacturers are more involved in the creation, enrichment and management of product information than ever before.

How do you successfully manage the growing diversity of channels for your product data? How can you scale your marketplace strategy without getting bogged down? How have other companies managed the transition of their architecture to a setup that facilitates marketplace integrations?

An open conversation

During this hour-long discussion with 4 industry leaders we will discuss how to best manage Product Information on marketplaces. We will discuss actual problem cases, solutions, and the trend of the market.

Speakers and topics

We are excited to introduce you to our 4 speakers:

  • Jeroen Dries (Mirakl)
  • Raoul Straathof (Katana PIM)
  • Max Schrevelius (ConnectingTheDots)
  • Rupert Firmstone (Novomind)

Want to learn more about PIM?

If you have any questions regarding Product Information Management, from PIM Selection to Implementation or how a PIM would fit in your IT landscape? Feel free to browse our Knowledge Base of articles on everything PIM related.

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