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Product Information Management goes beyond data management

Product Information Management (PIM) software ensures that all content describing products is always available and uniform. Various data management solutions, such as Master Data Management (MDM) do much the same thing, but they are limited to your own organization.

PIM ensures that the content supplied by suppliers, partners, and consumers is also included in the same, uniform system. PIM can take over the functions of MDM, the ERP, the e-commerce systems, or any other system you are currently using to store, update and share product data. These (old) systems can even be integrated into the PIM system.

At many companies, all product information is often stored in different systems, spread out over ERP, CRM, webshop, accounting program, warehouse management system, POS system, mobile applications, etc. With a PIM system, all product information is consistent and managed and distributed from one place to the right channels.

As a result, a company with a webshop always has all current information available to the customer, such as product descriptions, the most up to date photos, suggestions for related products or alternatives, or the system recommends a combination of products that the customer will most likely also need.

Business processes are simplified by centralizing all information about products. For example, the reviews a customer writes are included as essential product information. This helps the own company or possibly the producing supplier to optimize the article. In addition, the reviews can help future consumers via the web shop to make a purchase decision. The ultimate goal is to focus less on improving individual processes, but to optimize the customer experience .

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems often have a (basic) module for PIM available. In any case, the extent to which this (built-in) module meets the requirements of a company will be different. However, an external PIM system can also be linked to most ERP systems.

How do PIM systems compare to other software?

There are plenty of terms that pop up in connection with Product Information Management. Many of these terms seem almost synonymous. In theory they all have a slightly different focus, but in practice they are often used interchangeably. Product Content Management (PCM) in particular is often used as a synonym.

In principle, PCM is a more extensive form of PIM, because it also takes on the marketing strategy for products. In practice, however, many existing PIM systems do the same, or at least provide the marketing department with the necessary product and sales information to set up such strategies.

Want to learn more about PIM?

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