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About us is an independent initiative powered by Jobsec BV and Paretosolutions BV. PIMvendors is self-supporting through its success fees but taps into a wide network to find the right professionals to help you during the PIM Selection & Implementation process.

Co-founder and co-owner

Chris Jobse

Chris is founder and co-owner of With his knowledge of the PIM market he is an important link between the retailer and the PIM supplier.

As a senior Master Data and Product Information expert Chris is advising customers to organise their data in the most efficient way to serve their OmniChannel goals. He is a specialist in optimizing business processes and advising the management to implement the right tooling to support these processes.

Amongst his customers are major international companies like Action, Ahold, Bijenkorf, Blokker, Hunkemöller and Staples International. Chris has helped many retail and wholesale companies in RFI and RFP processes, selecting the right PIM/MDM tooling. Recently he founded in which he makes a (semi)automated match between customer, PIM vendor and implementation partner.

Chris has recently been appointed as Shopping Award Vakexpert 2022.

Co-founder and co-owner

Stephan Spijkers

Stephan is co-founder and co-owner of, using his experience of starting and scaling companies to help launch and grow the initiative.

He has over 10 years of online retail experience selling digital products, subscription services and physical products. As the COO of Westwing Benelux, he was involved in the day-to-day PIM processes of a 50-person team focussed only on getting the right product data online in a timely and efficient manner, launching over 1200 new products a day.

Since then, he has been consulting in the eCommerce Lifestyle space, developing and launching OmniChannel fashion retail solutions, building large eCommerce sites and launching marketplace platforms for Home & Living.

Ronald Muller
PIM/MDM consultant

Ronald Muller

Ronald is co-founder through Contakt ConsultRonald Muller is a highly experienced management consultant and senior manager.

He has more than 20 years of real-world experience with Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM) and e-commerce. He worked both for enterprise customers and small start-ups.
Ronald is generally recognized as subject-matter expert in the field of PIM and product classification. Especially in the B2B market of production and trade in technical products.
Ronald has detailed (hands-on) knowledge of many well known PIM systems.
His focus areas are Digital strategy, Information – and Data management, Selection and implementation of IT solutions and Program, Project, Agile/Scrum and Change management. Contakt strongly believes that a tremendous amount of value can be generated by exchanging more data and information in the value chain. Consultants of Contakt are involved in projects for GS1 and Industry wide improvement programs. Within the Contakt network of independent professionals there are hundreds of years of experience and knowledge on MDM and PIM selection and implementation, especially in the Retail, Building & Construction and Installation industries.

René Cleijpool
PIM consultant

René Cleijpool

René has a lot of experience in managing organizations that are making the transition from decentralized stored data in any format to centrally stored data. Through his interest and use of new software technology, he has knowledge of Docker, Golang, Python and Talend MDM.

His passion for data and product management started early. Almost 30 years ago he started improving the quality of data by defining standard working methods and agreements.

In recent years, René has focused on the ETIM and ETIM MC standards and supports companies in classifying data and setting up PIM systems to record this classification.

MDM/PIM consultant

Radbout Buijs

Radbout Buijs is an information specialist with deep knowledge of MDM and PIM implementations. He has over 19 years of experience, including selection processes and IT transformations to a higher maturity level.
Radbout's work includes supply chain, production planning, logistics, purchasing, sales, EDI, process optimization in healthcare, horticulture, food industry and leasure. His deep understanding of how businesses operate gives him a unique perspective that allows him to offer creative solutions to complex problems.
When it comes to IT and business transformations, Radbout is a true leader who can guide organizations through every step of the process, from selection to implementation. With his extensive knowledge and proven track record, Radbout Buijs is an invaluable asset for any organization looking to take their business to the next level.
Nadim Wardé
PIM Consultant

Nadim Wardé

Nadim is a FR/EN highly experienced consultant in product data management. Founder of one of the first GDSN compliant platforms, he has more than 20 years of experience in MDM and PIM and recognized as a subject-matter expert in the PIM/MDM space. He has a deep expertise of the GS1 Standards and experience in various verticals (CPG, Pharma, Retail).
Nadim is a fanatic of a 100% product data quality as he is convinced that perfect product data is foundational and key for the success of any digital transformation project. For this reason, he has a hands-on approach in product data management projects: assessing the needs, designing business processes (as-is and targets), construction data dictionaries and glossaries, facilitating data quality workshops and designing data governance organization.
Karin Lemans
PIM/MDM Consultant

Karin Lemans

Karin Lemans is an experienced consultant in product information management, master data management and product configuration management. With her hands on mentality she helps organization professionalizing their data management (department).

She has over 15 years experience in leading master data and product information management departments and has worked for organizations like Ahrend furniture, Bruynzeel kitchens, DeliHome wholesale, Outdoor life group and Rainforest Alliance. She is at her best in production companies with all the master data that is related to that (bills of material, routings). Data management of configurable products also have her interest.

Instead of consulting from the sideline, Karin prefers to support organizations from inside out.

Operations Manager

Eduard Lakhno

As Operations Manager at, Eduard contributes invaluable expertise in optimizing efficiency and workflow. His meticulous oversight ensures streamlined processes, enhancing overall operational performance. Eduard's strategic planning and implementation elevate internal coordination, fostering a productive work environment. With a keen eye for detail, he addresses challenges proactively, contributing to the company's seamless functioning. Eduard's commitment to operational excellence aligns with's mission, supporting the team in delivering top-tier services. His role is instrumental in fortifying our operational foundation, facilitating growth, and sustaining as a leader in the Product Information Management (PIM) industry.

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