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PIM Partners

We at have an overview of more than 200 Product Information Management solutions in the market today. The PIM solutions mentioned on this page are those that have been classified and tested by our specialists. We continuously add new PIM solutions to this list. We are in close contact with our partners and update the information if needed.



Syndy is a Dutch-based company. They support global brands in bringing clarity and control to internal product data management and delivery processes. Purpose-built technology, global scalability, end-to-end integrations, and expert advice for full control. They help brands to convert product content into retailer-specific files and formats, for product listings on any retailer website.


Novulo offers a low code platform with the capability to replace legacy code and redefines how application portfolios are structured by combining low code development and best-of-breed (Product Data) models. They bring customization and packaged software together. In that sense, Novulo offers "the best of both worlds".


Pimberly is a powerful cloud-based PIM and DAM platform. Powerful automation, coupled with scoping and localization capabilities, enables outstanding product experiences across unlimited sales channels and geographies. With license models to support customer growth, Pimberly is built and developed to drive eCommerce success.


The Dutch-based Katana PIM started in 2017 when Tritac, their parent company realized the need for an affordable, easy and quick information management solution that store owners could use to collect, enrich and distribute data. With easy feed mapping, you can transfer all your product information and your suppliers into Katana automatically.


Dynamicweb is a Danish company operating worldwide. Within their All-In-One platform, they have developed a mature PIM solution that can do its job independently as well. Dynamicweb is a platform for Content Management, e-commerce, Digital Marketing, and Integration. Dynamicweb is built to deliver efficient customer experiences on the web, tablet, and mobile - for all online channels.


OmniStock is a Dutch-based company that improves the e-commerce and omnichannel results of retailers and wholesalers by optimizing article information management. Our Product Information Management System creates one Central system source in which (non-perfect) article category data from many sources can be efficiently and automatically enriched into usable product information.


Perfion delivers a PIM platform that consists of data management, data modeling, digital asset management, and life cycle management. Perfion is a global company headquartered in Denmark, with offices in the United States, Germany, and Benelux. With its open API, integrating Perfion PIM into your existing IT systems is a snap. Perfion PIM even offers native integration into ERP-systems and e-commerce platforms.


Gepard evolved into an independent platform at Bintime software company. The platform helps brands and retailers to standardize product information with a single source of truth. It helps brands, wholesalers, and retailers to succeed in Ecommerce by automating product data flow across various sales channels and internal systems. The platform users are usually E-commerce, Data, and Content Managers at midsize and enterprise companies.


Bluestone PIM is a multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS solution capable of efficiently processing large volumes of complex product information. It is built and housed on Amazon Web Services to make the most of the resources available in the cloud.

Connecting TheDots

ConnectingTheDots is a Dutch-based company, operating mainly in the Benelux area. CTD delivers a userfriendly, scalable PIM and PIMeCommerce solution for retail, wholesale, and brands and does this with their own dedicated teams. Their slogan is 'Once we connect, we stay connected'. The goal is to build a long-term relationship with their customers.


Censhare is a German based company, operating globally. They support hundreds of brands through their partner network. The censhare Digital Experience Platform pools all marketing and communications content within one information-centric system and a consistent user interface. Censhare is a collaboration tool containing DAM, PIM, Omnichannel CMS and MRM.


Pimcore is an award-winning open-source software provider of data management and experience management solutions. With Pimcore, thousands of customers globally are delivering digital experiences that create significant value for their businesses. Licensed open-source it allows organizations of any size and industry to stay in full control of technology.


AtroPIM is a modern and configurable PIM System (Product Information Management System). As one of the most flexible PIM software on the market, it is an excellent fit for companies engaged in different industries, with eCommerce in mind. AtroPIM helps you to improve the quality of your product information, keep catalogs up to date, deliver your product data across all channels quickly, save your time and money, increase your sales and deliver excellent product experience.


Prodexa is a German-based company. The flexible and scalable SaaS solution includes all core processes and tools for professional data management. At its core, Prodexa Cloud integrates tools for product experience management, product information management, digital asset management, cross-media publishing, and online product catalogs.


Precisely is a software company that focuses on providing data integrity solutions. Their expertise lies in developing tools that help ensure the accuracy and consistency of data, along with offering a range of other services such as big data management, high-speed sorting, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data integration, data quality improvement, data enrichment, and location intelligence.


Jasper PIM is a SaaS solution that provides invaluable product information management services to businesses all over the world. Jasper PIM was started in 2010 and is based in Canada. Jasper PIM is empowering eCommerce merchants to manage and merchandise their products from a single source of truth.


Beeyond is an extremely flexible system that fulfills your wishes for a Product Information Management system. Many functionalities are standard in this system, any additional wishes can be added as customization. Data is of great importance to your organization. Beeyond helps you to get more out of your data.


mediacockpit is developed by the German-based company Bertsch Innovation. They operate, together with their partners, in the DACH and Benelux areas. mediacockpit is an open, scalable PIM system that provides all necessary interfaces to connect to e-commerce, content management and ERP systems, print workflows, and online & offline distribution.

Utopis PIM

Utopis PIM was developed especially for construction material suppliers and manufacturers. Utopis PIM combines all known PIM features with perfect product combinations, digital building standards, and the unique possibility to generate tender and BIM specifications.

novomind iPIM

The Hamburg-based novomind has 400+ employees building a suite of commerce-focused solutions, including a stand-alone PIM Solution: iPIM. It comes with powerful product management and publishing features and offers customers a highly scalable solution to deliver product data to both internal and external platforms.


The Swiss based company Contentserv offers a combination of three data management components - PIM, MDM and MxM - combined with a DAM. With Contentserv’s PIM solution, you can stay focused on delivering accurate, rich, and enhanced content to your customers – anywhere and everywhere. At Contentserv, people are driven by the desire to keep their customers one step ahead of the competition.

BetterCommerce PIM

BetterCommerce PIM helps brands & retailers to centralize and distribute their product data efficiently. With in-built DAM, CDN, Workflow, Dynamic Pricelist, Audit trails & rule engine, retailers can improve exponentially their product experiences across any sales touchpoint viz website, app, marketplaces, brochure, and more.


The Polish based open-source PIM Ergonode is designed both for retail & B2B. Unlike manual practices of managing information extracted from various files, ERPs or PIMs, Ergonode aggregates product data in an easy way. Delivers a simple interface, supports translations, monitors data quality and conversion. Distributes data to wherever you need.


Viamedici solutions cover all product management and marketing processes. Their product information management suite Viamedici EPIM covers a wide array of features including product master data management, media asset management, total quality management, data governance, and cross-media publishing.


inRiver’s company is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. It has offices all over the world. inRiver is a market leader and supports both B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing across all sales channels. Brands can decrease manual work processes through a tightly integrated ecosystem and automated workflows, as well as create rich product information optimized for marketing products.


For SRC’s customers, achieving and maintaining product data excellence is key. SRC’s PIM offering consists of the core PIM functionality, enhanced with modules suited for every organization, to optimize the processes of gathering, processing, enriching or sharing your data!

Syndigo (Riversand)

Syndigo's Active Content Engine is an end-to-end solution for PIM, MDM, DAM, Enhanced Content, Syndication, GDSN & Analytics. Syndigo is the first Active Content Engine built to power modern commerce by enabling the continual flow of data and content throughout the entire commerce ecosystem.


PIMALION helps companies digitize and automate digital, web, and print communications. PIMALION Data Sourcing lets companies collect information from multiple sources into a single product database with a unified data model and comprehensive product sheets.


Akeneo brings a complete and composable SaaS-based solution for managing, orchestrating, activating, and optimizing the entire product record in order to drive compelling and consistent product experiences across all owned and unowned channels and routes-to-market. With its open platform, leading PIM for product data and asset management, and ecosystem connectivity with Akeneo App Store, Akeneo Product Cloud empowers commerce businesses to deliver world-class product experiences that unlock growth.

Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems, a Danish MDM/PIM company, is the trusted source of MDM/PIM solutions based on a unique business-first, people-centric approach. Their solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies around the world that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data; empowering them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth, and create an essential foundation for digital transformation.


ProductFlow is a marketplace integration platform, based on a PIM system. This unique approach makes it possible to sell through different marketplaces without a source system, or without your own website. And if there is a source system, it can easily be linked. Missing data can be added directly in ProductFlow and can also be reused for other marketplaces.


The SyncForce Circular PIM accelerates organic growth for packaged goods manufacturers by enhancing product data management. This leads to improved customer experiences, increased sales, and operational efficiencies. With 25 years of experience, SyncForce combines product and packaging change orchestration with seamless data distribution, ensuring on-time, in-full digital product availability.


Skwirrel has been developed in co-creation by users and data managers. It’s made by workers for workers. This has created synergy between supply and demand. Acceptance during implementation therefore went smoothly. Skwirrel is an ETIM compatible Product Information Management (PIM) tool.

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is a UK-based company. It provides an agile solution with fast implementation. Sales Layer solves issues of complexity in product information fields, product information version control, and the flow of information through the product supply chain. It creates a cloud-hosted database of shareable, secure, and manageable product information.

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