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PIM Scan

Who is this survey for?

This survey aims to help your organization find the most suitable PIM (Product Information Management) solution by determining which one would be efficient and effective for your needs.
To ensure that the solution we recommend meets your specific requirements, we will ask you to identify your must-have features. By doing so, we can narrow down the search and deliver a solution that not only provides an overall best match but also fulfills your organization’s specific needs. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision that can optimize your workflow and streamline your product information management process.

Step 1: Your input

Please fill in the questionnaire below, it will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Our magic

PIMvendors’ specialists and our computer algorithm will estimate your company’s needs and provide advice based on your specific business requirements. We match your survey information with the PIM soutions in the market.

Step 3: The results

You may expect the output from this survey within 2 working days.

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Start now filling in the survey and get your results in your email box