Novulo offers a low-code platform with the capability to replace legacy code and redefines how application portfolios are structured by combining low-code development and best-of-breed (Product Data) models. They bring customization and packaged software together. In that sense, Novulo offers “the best of both worlds”.

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Customer Case: Enhancing Logistics Efficiency at KLM Cargo with Novulo Software


KLM Cargo, a prominent freight forwarder with a diverse range of operations, embarked on a journey to enhance their staffing and planning processes. With a century-long legacy of serving industries such as fire brigades, military, police, shipping, and more, KLM Cargo sought to revolutionize their logistics operations.

Case description

KLM Cargo confronted the intricate challenge of orchestrating a complex logistics process involving cargo transfer, pallet assembly, and airplane loading. This multifaceted operation demanded meticulous coordination due to diverse workplaces and certifications required by staff. In their pursuit of operational excellence, KLM Cargo identified the need for enhanced transparency and streamlined planning to ensure optimal logistics workflow.

Action by Novulo:

To address the challenges and complexities, KLM Cargo turned to Novulo software. Leveraging Novulo’s proven track record within the Air France KLM group, they embarked on a comprehensive transformation. Novulo’s capabilities allowed KLM Cargo to transition from traditional Excel-based work formats to a dynamic digital platform. Novulo’s software was customized to accommodate KLM Cargo’s intricate logistics environment, enabling transparent long-term planning. The system amalgamated data from disparate systems, facilitating a collaborative proposal process where planners could make adjustments as needed. Novulo’s agile and adaptable framework aligned seamlessly with KLM Cargo’s requirements, optimizing staffing and significantly streamlining the planning process.


The collaboration with Novulo yielded substantial and tangible results:

  • Extended Planning Horizon: KLM Cargo achieved an impressive feat of accurately estimating work layouts up to 9 months in advance, enhancing their foresight and preparedness.
  • Enhanced Agility: The process of ordering temporary agency workers witnessed an astonishing 8-fold acceleration, thanks to Novulo’s efficient proposal mechanism.
  • Transparent Logistics Flow: The Novulo software introduced a digital operations platform that visually illuminated the logistics flow, empowering planners to gauge occupancy levels accurately. Color-coded indicators denoted staffing adequacy, facilitating strategic decision-making.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning: The capability to visualize the impact of individual leave requests on the long-term plan allowed KLM Cargo to proactively manage workforce availability and training requirements, thereby optimizing resource allocation.


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