Prodexa is a German-based company. The flexible and scalable SaaS solution includes all core processes and tools for professional data management. At its core, Prodexa Cloud integrates tools for product experience management, product information management, digital asset management, cross-media publishing, and online product catalogs.

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Customer Case: prodexa Cloud with G.Ascherl GmbH


G. Ascherl GmbH, a leading player in the boat accessories industry with a strong presence in the Austrian market, sought to optimize its product information management (PIM) and publishing processes to better serve its customers and partners.


Ascherl GmbH recognized the need for a comprehensive PIM and publishing solution to enhance its catalog production and streamline its communication and sales efforts.

Solution by prodexa Cloud PIM and Xactuell

In collaboration with infolox GmbH, a strategic partner of prodexa, G. Ascherl GmbH implemented a robust PIM and publishing solution. The combination of prodexa Cloud PIM and Xactuell from CODEWARE, operated in external cloud infrastructure, provided the necessary tools for efficient catalog production, flyer creation, and e-business exports.


The implementation of prodexa Cloud PIM and Xactuell brought several benefits to G. Ascherl GmbH:

  • Optimized Data Maintenance: The prodexa Cloud PIM made data maintenance for the extensive product range effortless.
  • Dynamic Publishing: Xactuell’s dynamic publishing capabilities enabled the automated implementation of annual product catalogs and the creation of various publications, such as flyers and brochures, based on existing templates.
  • Daily Acute Data: Accurate and complete product data from prodexa Cloud PIM is readily available on a daily basis in Xactuell, ensuring consistency and up-to-date information.


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