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Unlock Data Excellence and Transform Your Organization with PIMvendors

At PIMvendors, we’re your trusted partner on your data journey, offering a wide range of tailored solutions to meet your unique needs:


Uncover the possibilities with our range of free resources. Understand if a PIM is right for you and gain insights into PIM costs. Engage in enlightening Round Tables and Lightning Demos. Stay informed through our PIM newsletter, tap into our extensive Knowledge Base, and dive into thought-provoking Whitepapers.


Choose the PIM system that fits your needs using our free PIM Scan and extensive knowledge base of experts


Take the leap towards PIM transformation with our premium services. Implement PIM seamlessly with our PIM Implementation Process. Chart your PIM journey with a Solution Blueprint, refine your business architecture with a Business Architecture Scan, optimize application setup with an Application Architecture Scan, create a robust Data Model, and benefit from expert Consultancy Services.

At PIMvendors, we are your trusted partner in discovering, choosing, and transforming your PIM strategy, ensuring your business reaches new heights of success. Our mission? We help you resolve any product data challenge, independently.


Free services

Do I need a PIM?

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What does a PIM cost?

If you’re looking for a fast way to determine the potential costs of your PIM solution — covering everything from analysis to implementation — our calculator tool based on our extensive knowledge is here to help.

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Round Tables and Lightning Demos

Would you like to see the PIM in action? Check out our live events and the registrations

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Paid services

Stakeholder alignment workshop (Creating PIM awareness)

The Stakeholder Alignment Workshop is a specialized sessions designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of Product Information Management (PIM) and effectively communicate its importance and benefits to their employees and their direct stakeholder. During this workshop, participants learn about PIM concepts, strategies, and how it aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives. Our aim is to create a unified vision among stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding the significance of PIM in achieving business success. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to bridge the knowledge gap and foster alignment within their team regarding the value of PIM.

Product data workshop (assessment of current Product data sources)

The Product Data Workshop is a focused session aimed at evaluating and optimizing how a business manages its product data. During this workshop, participants examine the existing landscape of product data within the organization, considering various sources like ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, and Excel spreadsheets. They also assess data accessibility across teams and departments.

The workshop facilitates a thorough examination of the current state of product data management, identifying strengths and weaknesses in data sources and accessibility. It serves as a valuable step towards streamlining and enhancing product data processes, ensuring that data is effectively utilized and accessible to those who need it within the organization.

Product process workshop (assessment of current product creation and enrichment processes)

The Product Process Workshop is a targeted session designed to assess and improve the way an organization handles its product data processes. During this workshop, participants delve into the current processes in place for managing data, examining how data flows through the company. They also consider whether every department and team is adequately informed about changes in data.

This workshop serves as a valuable opportunity to scrutinize the organization’s data organization and the efficiency of its current processes. By identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and communication gaps, it helps optimize data workflows, ensuring that data is organized and managed effectively throughout the company. Ultimately, the Product Process Workshop aims to enhance data management processes, leading to improved productivity and data integrity.


Free offers

PIM selection process based on our PIM scan

The PIM Selection Process, initiated through our comprehensive PIM Scan, is a methodical approach to identify the most suitable Product Information Management (PIM) solution tailored to your organization’s unique needs. This survey is designed to efficiently pinpoint the PIM solution that will be effective in meeting your specific requirements and objectives. 

Here’s how our process works:

  • PIM Scan: You start by filling out the PIM Scan questionnaire, providing us with valuable insights into your PIM needs and preferences.
  • Consultation with PIM Expert: Following your survey submission, you engage in a discussion with one of our PIM Experts. This conversation allows us to delve deeper into your answers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your PIM requirements.
  • Top 5 PIM Solutions: Based on the information gathered from the PIM Scan and your consultation, we meticulously curate a list of the top five PIM solutions that might align with your organization’s needs, objectives, and must-have features.
  • Sharing the List: We share this carefully curated list of PIM solutions with you, providing you with a tailored selection of options that have the potential to transform your product information management effectively.

Our PIM Selection Process, driven by the PIM Scan and expert consultation, streamlines the decision-making journey, helping you identify and evaluate PIM solutions that are uniquely suited to your organization’s success.

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PIM selection process based on our extensive PIM scan survey

The PIM Selection Process, grounded in our comprehensive PIM Scan survey, is a meticulous journey where we collaborate closely with your organization. We conduct in-depth workshops, explore practical scenarios, and engage in informative demos with PIM vendors. This multifaceted approach ensures that we guide you in selecting the most fitting PIM system for your unique needs. Our goal is to empower you with the best PIM solution, aligning perfectly with your business objectives and requirements.


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PIM implementation process assistance

The PIM Implementation Process Assistance is a strategic endeavor designed to ensure the success of your PIM implementation. It begins with a collaborative workshop involving stakeholders, where the top three scenarios (demoscripts) are defined.
Following this, demo sessions are organized with your top-X PIM systems, during which PIM vendors showcase the scenarios outlined by the stakeholders. The stakeholders’ team plays a pivotal role by evaluating and scoring the demos based on established templates provided by

The outcome of this rigorous evaluation culminates in the presentation of the top PIM system comparison, rooted in the insights gained from the demo sessions. Additionally, we arrange demo sessions with two implementation partners of your chosen PIM solution. Once again, the customer stakeholders’ team assumes the responsibility of scoring the presentations using the templates provided. In cases where the PIM vendor delegates the demo to the implementation partner, the evaluation of the implementation partner occurs during the demo session.
This meticulous process ensures that you select the most suitable PIM system and implementation partner, perfectly tailored to your business needs, and sets the stage for a successful PIM implementation.

Custom projects

Solution Blueprint

The Solution Blueprint is a pivotal step in the journey of transforming your vision for improved business processes into a tangible and actionable plan for implementation. If you’ve already made technology decisions or conducted a content technology assessment and are now poised to advance your project, this is the next crucial phase.
At its core, the Solution Blueprint acts as a bridge, connecting your business and technology objectives into well-structured and implementable plans. Its primary goal is to create a shared and comprehensive understanding of your vision and requirements. This blueprint not only captures user needs but also aligns them with your existing or planned IT standards. It serves as a roadmap for project delivery, encompassing the design specifications for both the logical and physical architecture of the solution. Is your content technology project poised to advance to the next stage? If it is, then you’re prepared to embark on the Solution Blueprint phase.

Business architecture scan

The Business Architecture Scan is a comprehensive assessment that delves into how an organization is structured and built from the ground up. It examines the current organizational structure, processes, and workflows to gain insights into its effectiveness. This scan is particularly useful for businesses seeking to optimize their structure, as it identifies areas where improvements can be made to create a more efficient and effective organization. Ultimately, the Business Architecture Scan offers valuable insights and recommendations to help companies build a better, more streamlined structure that aligns with their goals and objectives.

Application architecture scan

The Application Architecture Scan is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates how applications operate and interact within an organization’s ecosystem. It examines the functionality, integration, and performance of existing applications to gain a deeper understanding of their role and impact. This scan is essential for organizations looking to optimize their application landscape, as it identifies areas where improvements can enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The Application Architecture Scan provides insights and recommendations to help organizations better align their applications with their operational needs and objectives.

PIM Data model

The PIM Data Model is a fundamental framework for organizing and structuring data within a Product Information Management (PIM) system. It addresses the question of how you want to arrange and manage your product information. This model allows you to define the structure, relationships, and attributes of your product data, providing a clear blueprint for organizing and categorizing your information effectively within the PIM system. The PIM Data Model enables you to create a structured foundation for your product data, ensuring it is organized, standardized, and easily accessible, ultimately improving the efficiency of your data management processes.

Consultancy services

PIM Consultancy Services offer a personalized and expert-driven approach to addressing your data management needs. Whether you’re seeking a tailored data workshop or a one-on-one consultation, our team of Data experts is here to guide you. Through a consultation call, we collaboratively define the specific actions and strategies that will best suit your organization’s unique requirements. These services are designed to help you harness the full potential of your data, making informed decisions and driving positive outcomes within your organization.

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