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ConnectingTheDots entered the Emerce 100 🎉

This year, it entered the Emerce 100 ranking for the first time in the PIM software category. The company shared this news on LinkedIn



Since 1998, Emerce has been the most important multimedia platform for decision makers working at the intersection of digital marketing, media and e-business. Emerce is a leader in identifying new technologies and innovative business concepts.

Emerce’s platform includes daily online news, Emerce 100, EGUIDE, email marketing, webinars and events such as Emerce EDAY, Recruitment and Digital Marketing Live! Emerce organizes awards such as Dutch Interactive Awards and Website of the Year. The Emerce Academy trains e-business professionals to become industry-leading innovators.

Emerce 100 is a ranking of the top 100 companies in e-business. The research covers five areas: agencies, e-business services, media and advertising, software and venture business. There used to be a hundred companies, but now the list has expanded significantly. Both the Emerce 100 and the online industry have grown so much in recent years that it’s not just a top 100 anymore. This is about the best companies in the online industry, and now there are many more than just 100!

You can learn more about the rating by the link.

About ConnectingTheDots

ConnectingTheDots is a Dutch-based company, operating mainly in the Benelux area. CTD delivers a user-friendly, scalable PIM and PIMeCommerce solution for retail, wholesale and brands and does this with their own dedicated teams. Their slogan is ‘Once we connect, we stay connected’. The goal is to build a long-term relationship with their customers.

The company is our long-standing partner and supports the same values as us. Namely, to help our customers overcome complex product information management and e-commerce challenges by making them simple.

You can find more detailed information about the ConnectingTheDots here.

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