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inriver Appoints Rohit Goyal as CEO

Yesterday inriver announced the appointment of Rohit Goyal as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With more than 20 years of experience building and scaling B2B SaaS platforms in e-commerce, insurtech, and fintech, Goyal will lead inriver through the organization’s next phase of growth.

Before joining the inriver team, Goyal held the position of Chief Operating Officer at TrueMotion (acquired by Cambridge Mobile Telematics). Where he oversaw technology and product aspects such as data science, engineering, product management, design, and client services. Goyal holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Denison University, master’s and PhD in computer science from The Ohio State University, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.


Rohit Goyal, CEO of inriver GNW

About inriver

inriver serves as the adaptable backbone for your product journey. It seamlessly merges the agility of the inriver PIM with advanced syndication, monitoring, digital shelf performance, and integration capabilities. Their platform offers unparalleled flexibility to address evolving consumer, regulatory, and market demands, supporting both B2B and B2C enterprises across the entire product lifecycle.

With inriver, businesses can craft captivating product experiences while ensuring the utmost data accuracy and consistency from inception to sale and every step in between.

inriver for us

inriver stands as one of the foundational partners of PIMvendors, having established a robust collaboration early in our history. As we look forward, we are committed to nurturing this partnership and exploring new avenues to enhance our joint capabilities. Our goal is to continue leveraging inRiver’s extensive expertise in product information management solutions. Including those that supports both B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing across all sales channels.

Together, we aim to drive greater innovation and deliver superior value to our customers, ensuring that our partnership remains dynamic and fruitful for the foreseeable future.

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