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Bluestone PIM is a multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS solution capable of efficiently processing large volumes of complex product information. It is built and housed on Amazon Web Services to make the most of the resources available in the cloud. Thanks to the API-first design, integration possibilities are virtually unlimited, while the microservice architecture ensures smooth data processing and scalability.

In May 2021, Bluestone PIM joined the MACH Alliance, making it the first certified PIM provider in the market. Bluestone PIM works with other MACH-certified vendors (BigCommerce, commerce tools, Contentstack, etc) to enable smooth integration with complementary solutions.

Active 70+ countries

In business since 2016


Proprietary Software

SaaS and Cloud-native

Java based solution

Customer Case: Starboard


Starboard is a leading global water sports brand headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. The company sells paddle boards, windsurf boards, and SUPs worldwide through a B2B e-commerce platform. With 25 years of experience in board design and development, Starboard sets a very high standard for quality and provides innovation and unique designs to surfers around the world.

The challenge faced

  • No central solution to manage the whole ecosystem – finding “one source of truth” for product information management ended up being extremely tedious.
  • ERP systems presented limitations in terms of lacking media support, such as images or videos, for product information.
  • Keeping track of updates across all data within Google Drive, Dropbox, and other spreadsheets became overwhelming.

Solution by Bluestone PIM

Bluestone PIM provides Starboard with flexibility and ease of collaboration between teams. The solution itself proved to be extremely easy to use. The scalability of the solution allows the company to grow globally. Starboard’s products are very seasonal and require constant updates. Bluestone PIM works very well here because of its adaptability to the specific business niche.

The results

  • Starboard highly values the importance of having an all-in-one solution for their business and recommends Bluestone PIM for managing product data across multiple shop fronts and customer-facing applications.
  • Starboard is now able to integrate and sync with leading composable commerce and CMS platforms.
  • Bluestone PIM has significantly improved Starboard’s data management, saving much time for the teams.
  • Adopting a PIM software based on MACH principles signifies a modern software stack built on microservices, ensuring flexibility and scalability compared to a monolithic solution.

Starboard quotes:

– “Whenever we require changes, we manage all the data in Bluestone PIM, ensuring we always have the latest data about our products or prototypes as things change quite rapidly in our type of business.”

– “The key features and benefits of using Bluestone PIM solution is the headlessness of it, which provides us with easily accessible data in a cloud that can be used whenever our business requires it.”

The Starboard video case study


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