The Swiss based company Contentserv offers a combination of three data management components – PIM, MDM and MxM – combined with a DAM. With Contentserv’s PIM solution, you can stay focused on delivering accurate, rich, and enhanced content to your customers – anywhere and everywhere. At Contentserv, people are driven by the desire to keep their customers one step ahead of the competition.

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Customer Case: BINDER Optimizes Product Information Management with Contentserv


BINDER GmbH, founded in 1983, is a leading global manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories. Headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, BINDER operates worldwide and offers a range of products including incubators, ultralow temperature freezers, and dynamic climate chambers.

Case description

Facing challenges in managing diverse product information across international markets, BINDER sought to streamline its processes. Manual print publications, disjointed data management, and complex translation hindered their efficiency and global reach. To address this, BINDER implemented Contentserv PIM and DAM solutions.

Action Taken

BINDER adopted Contentserv PIM to centralize, manage, and automate product information. They also utilized Contentserv DAM for digital asset management. With Translation Manager, seamless translation requests were facilitated. Workflow Management enabled tracking project progress and maintaining transparent workflows.

Results Achieved

BINDER successfully managed 27 product series, 87 models, 206 variants, accessories, and services from a central repository. Automation streamlined print publications and dynamic content creation. With Contentserv, BINDER expanded its global reach by producing materials in 12 languages, enhancing efficiency and communication.

Customer Case: Lacoste - Streamlining Product Data Management with Contentserv PIM


Lacoste, known for its iconic polo shirt since 1933, has established itself as a global brand offering optimism and elegance in high-end casual wear for women, men, and children. Operating in 120 countries through a selective distribution network, Lacoste aims to amplify its global omnichannel presence through digital transformation efforts led by the Digital Factory. The goal is to provide unique shopping experiences to customers worldwide.

Case description

Lacoste faced challenges in the manual entry of product data, tracking assortment updates, and managing variable data like collections. To overcome these hurdles and streamline product data management, Lacoste sought a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. They evaluated five PIM solutions and chose Contentserv for its intuitive interface, data onboarding capabilities, and experience in product information management.

Action Taken

Contentserv’s PIM solution was implemented in November 2017, with key components like Translation Manager, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector, Smart Documents, and Workflow Manager. Forty authorized users work on the platform daily, utilizing the 360° overview of products and data, simplifying processes, and rapidly implementing various commercial sites.

Results Achieved

By adopting Contentserv’s PIM solution, Lacoste achieved significant productivity gains, industrialized marketing processes, and provided employees with greater flexibility in editing product data. The platform offers great flexibility in data generation, managing large volumes of data seamlessly. Export procedures enable the automatic creation and editing of catalogs and web pages, exporting up to 40,000 items daily. The ease of creating new attributes and maintaining models on sale avoids rebuilding catalogs from scratch.

Contentserv’s PIM solution allowed Lacoste to shorten the time required for product attribute updates, streamlining seasonal reconfigurations, and enabling a more engaging shopping experience for customers.


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