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Customer Case: Horze - Increasing E-commerce Horsepower with inriver PIM


Horze is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of horse-riding apparel and equipment, with a global presence and 19 web stores in 13 languages. They offer a wide range of equestrian essentials, totaling 45,000 products and approximately 280,000 SKUs. Horze operates 14 retail stores in six countries and maintains an extensive distribution network from the USA to Europe and Australia.

Case description

In 2018, Horze embarked on a significant business transformation to adopt the latest digital technologies to future-proof its business. They identified challenges in their existing technology ecosystem, such as a dated ERP, inefficient processes, and disparate software components, leading to a lack of transparent data management and wasted time. The rise of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay further drove the need to evolve their data management and technology capabilities.

Action by inriver

Horze implemented the inriver Product Information Management (PIM) solution, replacing outdated software. The inriver PIM served as the central point for managing all product information across the company. It streamlined the entire product data management process, from creating articles and SKU numbers to publishing product information. The solution facilitated high-performance collaboration between inriver, the new ERP, and CRM (Salesforce), creating a redundancy-free ecosystem.

The powerful inriver syndication solution was tailored to Horze’s business model, allowing easy and efficient data distribution to various online marketplaces, including Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, and Amazon. This feature significantly streamlined the publication process and saved time for the company.

The PIM system eliminated time-consuming manual interventions, such as handling variants at the SKU level, leading to increased efficiency. The rule-based completion of product information by inriver further improved content creation processes.


Horze’s adoption of the inriver PIM solution ensured comprehensive product content for consumers, encouraging sales. The company experienced greater efficiency and transparency in their day-to-day work, and employees quickly embraced the new PIM solution.

The PIM system is used by various functions, including content managers, product marketers, category managers, and marketplace managers. It also serves as a management tool for data tracking and reporting.


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