Perfion delivers a PIM platform that consists of data management, data modeling, digital asset management, and life cycle management. Perfion is a global company headquartered in Denmark, with offices in the United States, Germany and Benelux. With its open API, integrating Perfion PIM into your existing IT systems is a snap. Perfion PIM even offers native integration into ERP-systems and e-commerce platforms.

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Customer Case: Streamlining Product Data Management with Perfion PIM System


B8, a prominent vendor of furnishing solutions for businesses and public institutions, was faced with challenges in managing its extensive range of 50,000 components and products. This led to data fragmentation and inefficiencies in product data handling, impeding their growth prospects.

Case description

B8 embarked on a mission to enhance scalability and operational efficiency. They sought a comprehensive solution to consolidate and streamline their product data management processes, with a focus on optimizing data accessibility, reducing duplication, and improving overall sales operations.

Action Taken

The company decided to implement the Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) system as their central product data repository. Perfion’s flexibility, rapid deployment capabilities, and built-in features such as the “Print Publishing” module made it a suitable choice for B8’s requirements.

With Perfion, B8 adopted a systematic approach to organizing product data. They undertook the task of integrating Perfion with their existing systems, including ERP (Lawson M3) and CMS (Umbraco). This integration paved the way for the creation of an innovative online product configurator.

Results Achieved

The implementation of Perfion brought about transformative results for B8:

  • Streamlined Product Data Handling: Perfion’s centralized database eliminated data fragmentation and duplication, providing a unified source of accurate and up-to-date product information.
  • Efficient Catalog and Data Sheet Creation: The “Print Publishing” module empowered B8 to swiftly generate product data sheets and catalogs directly within Perfion, reducing the time and effort previously required.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The online product configurator, integrated with Perfion, enabled customers to design their own tables by selecting different components. This visual tool improved customer engagement and aided the decision-making process.
  • Sales Process Optimization: Perfion’s integration with B8’s sales operations resulted in streamlined processes, reduced lead times, and decreased errors in offers and orders. Sales representatives could place accurate orders online, enhancing efficiency.
  • Future Growth Readiness: B8 positioned themselves for scalable growth with Perfion as their comprehensive product data management solution. The system’s intuitive interface and adaptable features made accommodating future expansions effortless.


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