ProductFlow is a marketplace integration platform, based on a PIM system. This unique approach makes it possible to sell through different marketplaces without a source system, or without your own website. And if there is a source system, it can easily be linked. Missing data can be added directly in ProductFlow and can also be reused for other marketplaces.

Active < 5 countries

In business since 2019

Low-end/ Midmarket

Proprietary Software

SaaS Solution

PhP based solution


Customer Case: Huisman Tricot

About Huisman Tricot

Huisman Tricot, a family business with brands Knit Factory and Baby’s Only, implemented ProductFlow to improve product information and automation.

Case description

By using ProductFlow they save no less than 2 FTE. They now manage 11 sales channels, including 7 marketplaces in multiple languages. Previously, they used complex integrators and content management rules, which were inefficient and unclear. ProductFlow offered a clear solution, allowing multiple employees to manage marketplaces. The main goal was consistent product information and brand experience across all channels, leading to better discoverability, higher conversion, and fewer returns.


ProductFlow became the basis for all their sales channels and they integrated Exact Online for synchronization. The project is considered successful, with ongoing integrations such as Shopware for the Baby’s Only website.

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