All product information is organized centrally.

Your product catalog is always changing, whether it’s big price changes, changing inventory, or a new product category. Skwirrel makes managing product information easy. Structure your data in a PIM system that fits your organization perfectly, all in one place. Accessible, easy to use, and always up-to-date. Centrally organized.

Why choose Skwirrel?

  • Effortlessly manage technical product information in a central location
  • Standardize your product data according to ETIM
  • Integrated DAM to complement your data
  • Connect with data pools such as 2BA
  • Accessible customer service desk

Skwirrel is a Product Information Management system for the technical market. You can easily manage all product data with ETIM classification and use standard connections with 2BA, among others. And all of this is user-friendly too! Skwirrel is the ideal, comprehensive partner for central capturing, enriching, exporting and importing extensive product data in the cloud.

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Delftechniek Chooses a Pragmatic Approach to Product Data

Delftechniek chose for Skwirrel’s PIM (Product Information Management) system during their transition to a new webshop:


Delftechniek aimed to enhance the management of their product data online. Implementing a PIM system enabled centralized control over all product information, improving data accuracy and consistency.

To standardize product specifications in accordance with the ETIM (European Technical Information Model), a PIM system was essential to implement and uphold industry standards.

Integration with the 2BA datapool allowed Delftechniek to efficiently share their trade information with external partners, and a PIM system facilitated the management and synchronization of this data.

Technical Development and Collaboration

The implementation of Skwirrel’s PIM system introduced new functionalities, including the ability to bundle similar products in the webshop, enhancing the user experience for customers.

Collaboration between Delftechniek, Skwirrel, and Elgentos was pivotal for the project’s success, with Skwirrel serving as a central hub for data management from various sources.


Due to the complex data challenges faced by Delftechniek, they appreciated Skwirrel’s PIM system for its structure and flexibility in addressing supplier differences and diverse data sources. This assisted Delftechniek in better meeting their needs.

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