For SRC’s customers, achieving and maintaining product data excellence is key. SRC’s PIM offering consists of the core PIM functionality, enhanced with modules suited for every organization, to optimize the processes of gathering, processing, enriching or sharing your data! SRC’s PIM also always incorporates current market data standards such as ETIM, GS1, PSinfoodservice and adam, so you never share your data without it being validated. Which is the ‘First Time Right’-principle. At SRC we believe in three basic principles: quality, service and simplicity.

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Customer Case: Jumbo's Pursuit of Product Data Excellence


Jumbo, a prominent supermarket chain in the Netherlands, boasts over 700 physical stores and an online ordering and delivery service. With a vast inventory of food and non-food items, Jumbo encountered challenges in managing extensive product data efficiently. Remko van Houtert, Product Owner, and Eveliene van den Heuvel, Data Manager, recognized the limitations of spreadsheet-based systems and sought a better solution.

Case description

Managing diverse product data for Jumbo’s expansive inventory proved daunting. Fragmented information, scattered across multiple systems and extensive email communication, posed challenges in maintaining order and accuracy. Regulatory implications in the industry necessitated a more robust approach to data management.

Action by SRC

Seeking an efficient solution, Jumbo explored various options, including software development, but acknowledged the need for a swift resolution. SRC provided a plug-and-play supplier portal, offering immediate implementation. This solution integrated suppliers’ data, enabling better information sharing with customers and streamlined processes.

Results Achieved

  • Unified Data Platform: The supplier portal consolidated information, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Suppliers benefited from simplified processes and reduced administrative tasks.
  • Enhanced Customer Information: Jumbo could provide comprehensive product details, benefiting customer awareness.


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