The SyncForce Circular PIM accelerates organic growth for packaged goods manufacturers by enhancing product data management. This leads to improved customer experiences, increased sales, and operational efficiencies. SyncForce also retains talent by simplifying data administrative tasks that have grown significantly due to eCommerce, ESG and regulatory requirements.

With 25 years of experience, SyncForce combines product and packaging change orchestration with seamless data distribution, ensuring on-time, in-full digital product availability. This streamlines internal processes and amplifies reach across all trade channels and data pools.


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Customer Case: Transforming Product Information Management - Signature Foods and SyncForce


Signature Foods, renowned for its Johma brand among various meal components and chilled products in the Netherlands, faced significant challenges in managing its extensive product information. Lars Jansen, the Product & Business Development Manager at Signature Foods, recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to handling product data as the existing manual processes were inadequate and outdated. The search for a solution was critical to enhance operational efficiency and comply with industry standards.

Case Description

Previously reliant on manual data entry and basic software tools, Signature Foods struggled with maintaining data quality, which risked penalties and exclusion from major retailers like Albert Heijn. This prompted the formation of an internal working group aimed at finding a viable, automated solution that would meet GS1 requirements and improve internal processes. The need for a sophisticated yet adaptable platform was clear, as conventional search methods proved insufficient for their specific needs.

Action by SyncForce

After being introduced to SyncForce’s Product Success Platform by a colleague familiar with its capabilities, Signature Foods initiated a partnership that marked a turning point. Initial workshops focused not just on selling a system but on understanding Signature Foods’ unique challenges and exploring suitable solutions. SyncForce’s hands-on approach and the practical experience of their team played a vital role in crafting a tailored strategy that resonated with Signature Foods’ objectives.

Results Achieved

The collaboration with SyncForce led to the successful automation of product information processes, integrating seamlessly with GS1 and PS in Foodservice databases. This transformation allowed for real-time updates on product labels and created specialized work instructions for production lines, significantly boosting efficiency and communication uniformity. The system not only supported the existing needs but also provided the flexibility to incorporate future enhancements, like project management tools. Lars Jansen praised SyncForce for its effective platform and expert team, highlighting their instrumental role in achieving a streamlined, efficient product information management system that other food companies could benefit from as well.


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