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How can we accelerate sales and improve margins?

Everyone in your organisation wants to know the answer to this question, from top management to your marketing colleagues. This article examines the added value of a Product Information Management (PIM) system in accelerating sales and improving your margins.


Practical Tips:

1.   The added value of a PIM system in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing and sales department.

2.   How a PIM system stimulates product development and new SKU alternatives.

3.   Providing a consistent omnichannel customer experience using PIM software.

Operational Excellence with a PIM System

A Product Information Management system is the central content hub for all product information within your company. This prevents confusion and ensures that your colleagues no longer have to search endlessly for the most recent version of product information.

A Product Information Management system:

1.   Automates the most critical tasks.

2.   Ensures transparency.

3.   Stimulates collaboration.

4.   Prevents duplication.

The Added Value of a PIM System in Process Optimization

A critical success factor for improving your margins and stimulating sales growth is increasing your organisation’s marketing and sales effectiveness. This can mean expanding into new markets, strengthening your current market share, or combining both.

Increasing the average order value is also an exciting option. The key to success is that your marketing and sales department coordinates its activities well. Another way to create sales momentum is to optimise your organisational processes.

The Added Value of PIM Software for Marketers

In order to properly market a (new) product, it is important for marketing teams to have extensive and complete product information. A PIM solution ensures consistency because all departments involved can upload their product information (including product specifications, videos, and images) into the PIM system.

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A Product Information Management system also stimulates the development of new products and SKU alternatives.

1.   Good support for custom products.

2.   Improving the reusability of product information.

3.   Supporting changing product information.

The Benefits of a PIM System for Sales

Your sales department also benefits from a PIM system. The main advantage of such a system is that your account managers always have access to the latest version of product information. This prevents outdated or incorrect information from being shared with prospects or customers. With a Product Information Management solution, one central source of the most current information is easily accessible and easy to share with customers. This significantly speeds up the sales process, and just having extensive, complete product information in one place can increase profit rates.

A PIM system also allows you to launch a new sales channel quickly. A PIM solution quickly provides your new sales partners or affiliates with the most current product information.

How a PIM Improves the Customer Experience

A PIM solution can help you improve the online customer experience. Often several people within your company develop and manage the product information. This creates different product formats and product information processes. A Product Information Management system can help you centralize these processes. As a result, you can provide a consistent and omnichannel customer experience.

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