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Onboarding detailed product data from multiple suppliers can quickly turn into a headache. How can you do this efficiently without creating hundreds of unique mappings for each supplier? Maybe even build just one connection to onboard a whole set of suppliers from a specific industry? Centralized Data pools!

Data Pools or Data Swamps?

But the fun is just getting started. What if the Data Pool does not have all the data available because of restrictions on (for example) image resolution? Or if multiple datapools exist for the same product? How to manage this with user-generated input by the vendors on your marketplace? What if you are the supplier, deciding to ‘pool’ your product data or build a direct connection?

During this hour-long discussion with 4 industry leaders we will cover Data Pools & Syndication and discuss the advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls when connecting to them and using their data as input (or output). We will discuss actual problem cases, solutions and the trend of the market.

Speakers and topics We are excited to introduce you to our 4 speakers:

  • Raoul Straathof (Katana PIM)
  • Max Schrevelius (ConnectingTheDots)
  • Léa Désesquelles (Syndigo)
  • Anne de Jongh (Decodata)

Want to learn more about PIM?

If you have any questions regarding Product Information Management, from PIM Selection to Implementation or how a PIM would fit in your IT landscape? Feel free to browse our Knowledge Base of articles on everything PIM related.

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