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Dynamicweb, a leading provider of omnichannel software and e-commerce solutions, today announced the launch of Dynamicweb 10 at Summit, the company’s annual user conference. Also, this marks a major milestone for the company, as Dynamicweb 10 is the first solution to be upgraded to .NET 6.

Dynamicweb 10 brings a highly flexible and scalable solution, allowing customers to host it on non-Microsoft platforms like Linux. Also, with new features and enhancements, customers and solution partners will benefit greatly. In addition, the launch of Dynamicweb 10 at Summit has become a significant topic, generating widespread excitement among attendees.

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About .NET 6

.NET 6 is the latest version of .NET, released in November 2021. Moreover, NET 6 is a vastly improved version of the platform over its predecessors. It has some of the coolest features we’ve seen in some of the most popular platforms and languages.

.NET 6 is a genuinely unified development platform that enables developers to build applications for the cloud, web, desktop, mobile, gaming, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Also, these sub-platforms share standard base class libraries, APIs, and basic infrastructure, including language and compilers.

.NET 6 is supported by Visual Studio tools, Visual Studio Code, and CLI.

.NET 6 is the fastest .NET yet

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