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We would like to thank everyone who graced the ‘Frontiers in DAM: the impact of GenAI’ event on May 28th. The event was filled with enriching discussions and expertise that contributed to the understanding of Digital Asset Management and demonstrated the potential of Generative AI in streamlining and enhancing digital workflows.

If you missed the event or wish to revisit some of the discussions, you can watch the recording here:

🎤 Our Speakers:

  • Olivier Grenet
    • Company: Wedia
    • Olivier highlighted sophisticated techniques for integrating AI to streamline digital workflows effectively
  • Sylvain de Backer-Thierry
    • Company: Descrb
    • Sylvain unveiled cutting-edge trends and hands-on applications of AI in the realm of DAM.
  • Timo Faber
    • Company: dampioneers
    • Timo shared visionary approaches on leveraging innovative DAM solutions to drive sector-wide growth and creativity.

📄 Event Highlights:

  • In-depth Discussions: The webinar featured comprehensive insights on the revolutionary impact of GenAI across various aspects of DAM.
  • Expert Presentations: Olivier Grenet, Sylvain de Backer-Thierry and Timo Faber, delivered impactful talks. They investigated strategic and operational improvements driven by AI technologies.
  • Interactive Segments: Engaging Q&A sessions enabled attendees to probe into practical applications and obtain forward-looking insights into the future of DAM and AI.

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Warmest regards,

The PIMvendors team

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