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Pimberly, Riversand, and ViaMedici showcase their vision on PIM and Fashion. This is a live recording of our Lightning demo session on Fashion. We hosted a unique session where three visionary PIM vendors will demonstrate their solutions live!

One of the most dynamic industries around the globe, the world of Fashion has seen an ever-increasing velocity in new products and trends. Moreover, with a rapid pace of digitalization across the value chain and increased customer demands regarding product information in the (digital) fitting room: Fashion is constantly evolving.

Three visions, three demos

In these Lightning Demos, you will learn about three different PIM vendors and their unique approaches to the Fashion industry. In addition, you will discover their vision for the market and how they tailor their solutions to fit the demands of the Fashion industry.

Every vendor will have 20 minutes to pitch their vision while showcasing their solution and how it meets the industry’s unique demands. Furthermore, after the three demos, you will have the opportunity to meet the speakers and get additional information on their solutions at their booths at our Expo.

Speakers and topics

We are excited to introduce you to our three vendors and the topics they will cover:

  • Stephan Spijkers / Introduction
  • Josh Derret / Pimberly: Confident consumers: dramatically reduce return rates with automated sizing charts
  • Ben Rund / Riversand: Making it personal: bringing the fashion experience to the individual shopper with a Digital Dressing Room
  • Rupert Firmstone / Novomind: Contextual commerce: using personalized contexts to increase conversion rates

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