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Headless commerce is taking the market by storm. The rapid digitization in the last years came with a shift from a single eCommerce ‘monolith’ (your webshop) to multiple commerce channels (including digital experiences such as a webshop, app, or social media channel as well as physical items such as intelligent mirrors or Amazon Dash button). How do you provide the correct Product Information, to the right channel, at the right time?

Headless or… Headache?

Headless commerce meets businesses where they need commerce functionality. Brands can deliver API-driven experiences through a CMS, application, device, or custom frontend wherever needed. But how do you integrate PIM in a Headless environment?

Is it the future, or is it mainly a headache?

An open conversation

During this hour-long discussion with four industry leaders, we will discuss managing Product Information in Headless environments. We will discuss actual problem cases, solutions, and the market trend.

Speakers and topics We are excited to introduce you to our four speakers:

  • Dietmar Rietsch(Pimcore)
  • Morten Næss (Bluestone PIM)
  • Harry van Rossum (Dynamicweb)
  • Odile de Vito (De Bijenkorf)

Want to learn more about PIM?

If you have any questions regarding Product Information Management, from PIM Selection to Implementation or how a PIM would fit in your IT landscape? Feel free to browse our Knowledge Base of articles on everything PIM related.

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