Gepard evolved into an independent platform at Bintime software company. The platform helps brands and retailers to standardize product information with a single source of truth. It helps brands, wholesalers, and retailers to succeed in E-commerce by automating product data flow across various sales channels and internal systems. The platform users are usually E-commerce, Data, and Content Managers at midsize and enterprise companies.

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Customer Case: Streamlining Product Data Delivery for Opple Lighting with Gepard PIM


Opple Lighting, a prominent player in the lighting industry, aimed to enhance its time-to-market and ensure accurate product information delivery to the EPREL database. To achieve this, they turned to Gepard PIM for a seamless integration between their ERP system and EPREL. This integration enabled real-time data synchronization, automated processes, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Case description

Facing challenges in managing and organizing product data to meet EPREL requirements, Opple Lighting sought a solution to streamline data delivery and ensure compliance. The complexity of managing product information and keeping up with updates posed significant hurdles.

Action Taken

Opple Lighting decided to integrate their ERP system, Gepard PIM, and EPREL to facilitate efficient data management and delivery. The integration provided a structured and standardized data format for all products, ensuring consistency and accuracy. It also allowed for seamless updates and collaboration across teams involved in managing EPREL-related tasks.

Results Achieved

The integration of Gepard PIM into Opple Lighting’s operations led to concrete results:

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: The standardized data format ensured accurate and consistent product information for submission to the EPREL database.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Gepard PIM enabled real-time synchronization of product information, prices, and stock levels between ERP and EPREL, facilitating up-to-date data availability.
  • Timely Updates: The integration streamlined the process of implementing timely updates introduced by EPREL, ensuring adherence to the latest energy efficiency guidelines.
  • Workflow Collaboration: Gepard PIM provided a collaborative workspace, allowing teams from different departments to work together efficiently and ensure compliance.


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