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The rapidly evolving world of e-commerce has presented fashion brands with a complex challenge: “How to maintain a strong online presence and streamline operations?”. In response to this challenge, Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG has tackled this issue head-on by partnering with Novomind AG. Together, they’ve revitalized and introduced two B2B webshops: CARL GROSS and CG – CLUB of GENTS. Now, they have embraced Novomind’s cutting-edge software infrastructure.

Création Gross Enhances E-Commerce with Novomind Partnership

Hamburg / Hersbruck, 27 September 2023 – Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Hersbruck, Bavaria, is reimagining its digital commerce strategy in collaboration with novomind AG. They have reinvigorated their B2C webshops and unveiled two new B2B webshops. Both CARL GROSS and CG – CLUB of GENTS, distinguished menswear brands, now run on Novomind’s advanced software infrastructure, incorporating novomind iPIM and novomind iSHOP, along with the integral novomind iMARKET middleware for streamlined connectivity with online marketplaces.

Katharina Reitmaier, Head of E-Commerce & Business Development at Création Gross, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, remarked:

“In novomind, we have found a software partner that offers us a tailor-made, one-stop solution for successful digital commerce.”

Advanced E-Commerce Solutions Tailored for B2B and B2C Success

The new user-friendly platform caters to both B2C and B2B customers. It enables round-the-clock online ordering through and This service serves Austria, France, and the Netherlands. With nearly a century of history, Création Gross epitomizes quality and international men’s fashion design. Novomind’s iSHOP system, a scalable SaaS solution, ensures exceptional performance, offering custom shop features and streamlining orders for B2B clients while enhancing the online shopping experience for B2C customers.

Stan Carstensen, COO – Customer Solutions at novomind, emphasizes their commitment to tailored solutions. He states, “The various exciting B2B functions that we have implemented for Création Gross, in addition to the classic B2C omni-channel features, demonstrate novomind’s expertise in designing, developing, and delivering customized, unique solutions.”

Furthermore, Création Gross uses novomind iPIM for high-quality product data management. Additionally, they employ iMARKET for seamless connections to online marketplaces. This integration enhances reach and brand visibility.

The partnership between Création Gross and novomind signifies a substantial advancement in the brands’ quest for a robust e-commerce footprint, thereby delivering enhanced shopping experiences to customers while propelling digital growth within the fashion industry. With a strong focus on innovation, CARL GROSS and CG – CLUB of GENTS are primed to embark on a dynamic trajectory within the digital retail sphere.

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