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The process of selling cross-borders is never an easy one, and the difficulty has only increased with time. With multiple languages to maintain in addition to currencies that change daily or weekly depending upon whose market you’re selling into at any given moment; keeping your catalog up-to-date on all platforms becomes more challenging than ever before – especially when some countries don’t allow certain products because they’re considered too dangerous! But there are solutions to these problems.

We’ve invited four experienced speakers to discuss the whole journey of selling across borders. They will walk us through their strategies so we can learn what works best (and, of course, avoid terrible mistakes). 

In this Round Table №2: Efficient Cross-border Commerce, we have discussed:

Is efficiency ( with a PIM) the ultimate goal? Should the process or the result matter the most?

Complications and where cultures collide: how do you manage a cross-cultural Tool/ Project Implementation?

Process optimization and the balance between success and perfection

Speakers and topics

We are excited to introduce you to our 4 speakers:

Harald Krauss (Viamedici)

Sanchit Grover (Precisely)

 Rupert Firmstone (inriver)

Dagmar Schneider (Lighthouse Integration)

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